What America, I?

Years ago I was given a vision.
The following is from notes that I wrote around that time:

"...the notion of a group of works called: What America,I?
This land. The experience of floating over the face of it.
Westward ho.
The wagons.
What is the subject. What is the form. To be specific and elusive both.
This writing is an invocation. and a beginning."

A further description from a grant application:

The narrative has to do with waterways, the Erie Canal, thirteen colonies. The woodlands of the Northeast. Green and moist, inviting, refreshing, but also mysterious, and female in that mystery. The sense of ancient time to that place, how trees sway in the wind at night, the humidity in the air. This list goes on. Something to do with heading west, always. Going up and out- onto the land, leaving home and looking for home simultaneously. Reading James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain as a boy, The Mississippi River and the Louisiana Purchase. My own wonder and imagination of all of this, and the rest of this wide world.
Imagination makes this world, giving shape. It is a waterway too, carrying us along.

I imagined a journey, of making art, feeling the way along with my senses. But it took me years to begin. I began with these drawings enclosed here.
I let myself do whatever comes and do not restrict, and as much as possible in any given moment, suspend judgement and allow myself to not know. This freedom gives space for seeing, for revelation. Pleasure and joy too. There are hundreds of these drawings, these are a random selection. They were first exhibited at the John Tevis Gallery in a show entitled Dear John in the fall of 2011. I will continue on and see where it goes.

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